Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween folks!

Apparently the school nurse (who wears a bright orange wig and is a little odd) has a large, black spider with flashing eyes residing in "her" hair today. I haven't seen it myself. I just saw the other nursing students doubled over with laughter. It was quite a show.

Saturday night was the barn party. It was pretty fun, if you like lots of people and lots of noise. There was fresh donuts and hot cider and a hayride and bonfire. I have picture that I'll share later.

I'll be in class until 3 this afternoon because there isn't clinicals today. Isn't that fun? But Mrs. Diller is very generous with breaks. 2 hours for lunch!

No trick or treating for me. I haven't heard of anyone going and if there was I don't have anything to dress up in and I really should study for the pharmacology exam tomorrow. Yes, that's the one that was postponed.

I've been saying this for about a month, but I really want a masquerade. Just like trick or treating but without the pagan symbolism! Well, or the candy, but something's gotta give.

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