Thursday, November 03, 2005

Will it break? It will not break! Oh, it broke.

I've tried to post 2 or 3 times this past week and it never worked, so I'm trying at the nursing lab. I just got the grades for the second pharmacology exam. Half the class failed. I wasn't in that half so I'm happy. Some lucky soul (interpret that how ever you like) actually got 98%. I didn't. I did pretty well; I tied with someone at 93%. That will bring my overall grade up to a B+, I think. I hope.

We're having our first OB test on Monday, another pharmacology test and a quiz on fetal monitoring (which we just went over in class, leaving me utterly bemused) on Tuesday. There is also three take-home pharmacology quizzes due Tuesday, new video's to watch this week for OB, the first bib card due Monday, along with the newborn assessment for clinicals which is also due Monday. Oh, and I should get the teaching report done for OB clinicals out of the way before class gets busy.

I really live in the nursing department. I never see anyone who isn't a nursing student. If I try to talk with people it always turns to nursing because that's all I can ever think about. The little amount of small talk that I used to be able to spin has disappeared in the wind. I feel forgotten by the world. How can I be friends with people I talk to once a week, if that? All that I used to be, everything that made me myself is slowly being sucked out of me until all that is left is nursing.

I truly didn't mean to get on about this, just now. I really didn't. It's been sitting in the back of my mind for almost a week and I guess that it just needed to come out. I'm really not depressed or suicidal or anything like that. I guess I miss being a person and not just a nursing student.

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Mama Bird said...

It sounds to me like it's getting time for a vacation!

Hang in there, sweetie, this stage really is only temporary.

Also, I recommend that you order (and charge) a large pizza--the world's best comfort food--and see if you don't suddenly find yourself surrounded by friends. ;-)