Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Just got my grade of far in Pharmacology which, as you may have noticed, isn't my best class. Soooo... turns out I'm not doing as bad as I thought. I have a B so far. About an 88% so far. If I'm a total genius with neuro meds I could conceivably pull myself up to an A-. That would be very good.

Oh, and I just figured out one of my problems with OB. I've been trying to sit down and learn it all in one big session a day. This didn't work so well. I'm actually going to take my own advice for once and just pick up my books several times through the day and study for 20 to 30 minutes and no more. Good thing I figured it out now because we have another test on Tuesday.

It's also that time of year again...Pre-registration!!! Yay! Or not. I have an appointment with Mrs. Diller (Why yes! The teacher of the class I really, really, dislike is also my adviser. At least she likes me. She complemented my teeth today when I was making my appointment. Yes, my teeth.) today at 3:30 after Pharmacology. It shouldn't take a very long time as I only have the core nursing classes left to take for my associates. It's the bachelors degree that's going to give me fits trying to get it all in. Although all I have left is statistics and two religion classes besides my nursing classes. Hmmmmm….


GMP said...

Hello, Dahlin'

Great news about Pharmacology!

What's the latest plan after your advisor meeting?

Oh, and you will be relieved to learn that the parental units are safely home...in spite of an overbooked and thus delayed flight out of Dallas that resulted in a very close call with catching the bus north from Boston. Whew!

Qwerty said...

Re: Adviser meeting
I'm signed up for two nursing classes that equal 12 credits. Right now the only religion that would fit my schedule is on that requires pretty much a 5 page paper a week. I won't have time or energy for that, so I don't know what/if I will have a(s) a third class. I can add it later.

Glad to hear your home safe and sound! I wasn't sure what day you would be flying, but I thought it would be soon.

LarryandJean said...

We made it safely but still trying to "catch up" - tonight was the credit card statement - which balanced within $0.20 which is close enough for me!

Glad you are doing so well - hang in there.