Sunday, November 06, 2005

Good times

Don't have much time, but I had a really good weekend. My sister came to see me (Beth) and I got to hike a mountain, and I watched Batman Begins for the first time and The Transporter for the third or fourth, and I curled my hair and it stayed that way, and I had a two non-nursing non-fluffiness conversations in the same day, and I only have 3 days left of clinicals on Friday, and I had monsarella sticks (no idea how to spell that) and chocolate. Now I'm really busy and I don't know how I'm going to get everything done but I'm holding on to that happy feeling while I work. No panic for me! Not today at least.


LarryandJean said...

Isn't that a good feeling? That's the way weekends, especially Sabbath, leave me feeling. Particularly when work days are long, busy and despite being productive one accomplishes about 1/2 of what needs to be done.

We are glad to hear that Beth came down - we tried to call her but she didn't answer her cell phone.


Qwerty said...

yeah, it (the phone) died while she was down here. I'm planning on visiting her at Gram's next weekend, so that will be fun.