Thursday, October 06, 2005

Noteworthy part 2

Sooo, I got my grades for pharmacology. I did pass and I didn't have the worst grade in the class. I got a 83% which is a B-. Not a stellar performance but if I study more and more effectively I should be able to pull myself up to at least a B+ if not an A-. It will take work, but I've dealt with that before.

So yesterday I wrote that it was noteworthy, and that was before I realized out of the blue that I have to drop out of choir. So when I went to choir yesterday night I talked with Frank and explained what was going on, how I was so busy and stressed that I couldn't put the time into it that the choir deserves. He was very understanding and said that he would miss me and maybe next semester would be better and I would be back. I hope it is.

I also got a new savings account at Workers'. This is the bank that just about all the students at AUC bank at because it's so close to the college. I'm going to try to get my check direct deposited to Workers' as I am lazy. In 2 weeks I will be getting my ATM card so that will be fun. I'm also picking up 2 extra hours of work today as Alnie can't work at all today. More money for studying it good with me!

Don't want to talk or think about school. As in what I am doing or what I need to be doing. There's a lot.

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Cheryl said...

See there are people that would be happy with a B-!! That's not so bad - really - in the grand scheme of things. (though at the time I remember thinking it was). You are doing great - really.