Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Teachers are cruel

Cruel, I tell you!

I am in the nursing lab working on the 8 pediatric workbook chapters that I have to have done by Monday. I'm not studying for the Med/Surg final I have no Friday because I have all tomorrow to review and my brain is dead today and at least I'm doing something useful. So... I was just starting my fourth chapter when there was a funny scratching on the lab door. It was after six so the front doors were locked and people have to enter and exit through the tutors' office. When I glance up I see Ms. Pusey

My heart stops for a second. I'm the only current Med/Surg student in the lab. Is she coming to see me? Is there something wrong? Will she torture me for not studying for the final? She walks toward me, stately. I quickly and rather nervously turn to face her, hoping to block her view of the traitorous workbook.

Pusey: "Debbie, are you sure you copied down the answer to your test correctly?"

Me: "Ummm, yeah, I think so.... Why?"

Pusey: "I was looking at your test and your test looks like you did well but your answer sheet...doesn't."

Me: "...."

Pusey: Looks

Me: "Well, uhhh, yeah I think I did copy it down right."

Pusey: "Well, right now it looks like you have about 64%. It's in my office on the chair if you would look it over for me."

We walk briskly to her office. I see the paper. I pick it up. It's the score sheet. I look. I do not comprehend. I look for my test.

Pusey: "The score is on the bottom." Helpfully.

Me: light breaks through "Ohhhh! I didn't think it was possible! And I was warned too!"

At the bottom of the score sheet was a tally of numbers added together that I might understand how they all added up if I studied it for half an hour. The total at the bottom of the page wasn't 64%. It wasn't even 94%. I got the unachievable. I got 100%. In a class taught by Ms. Pusey. In Med/Surg. I. Am. In. Shock.

I was warned about her sense of humor, too! Last year's bachelor's students told me how she took them one at a time into her office and told them that they had failed their NCLEX exam. She got every single one of them. They told me about her. And she still got me!

She, of course, thought that this was the funniest thing ever. My story just made it better. The awful part is that if it wasn't for the fact that she played her joke of me I would find it hilarious. Life is cruel. So are teachers.

Not that I mind, mind you...

EDIT: This test was the first one whe had today, the Med/Surg Unit 3 exam. The one in the afternoon was for the NLN (national league of nursing). That one is a standardized test given to all nursing students after they finish Medical-Surgical Nursing II. It doesn't affect my grade, it's an indication on how I'll do on the NCLEX.


Jeremy said...

Hehe, the joke sounds pretty funny to me :P
Good job on the test!

LarryandJean said...

Harrumph! I have to agree that she "done you wrong" but, hey, the final result was...worth it??

Great job! I suspect that you will have nothing to worry about NLN or NCLEX. Just a thought.