Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm done...

Yesterday at 2:12 pm I officially finished my Microbiology class. I don't know what my final grade will be although my lab/study partner, Emily, and I tried to calculate our scores. As far as I can tell I should get a high to middling B. Not the brilliant performance I would like but it's respectable.

I have always heard things like "Don't you feel better now that you've finished?" and some of the time the answer has been yes. Not this time. While driving the 40 minutes back from Augusta for the last time I tried to examine my reaction to having a class finished that I had been dreading for around two and a half years. I discovered that I don't feel any particular emotion about it's completion except for a vague worry that I completely bombed the final. If I did than I'm in Trouble as I can't start second year nursing if I don't have Micro completed. But I won't think about that.

By the end of the trip I was thinking much more about what I had to do now than what I had finished. For all I would love to believe that now the summer will all be days at the beach and books that is a daydream of the highest degree. I am planning to CLEP American History I before I get back to college and to do that I need to have studied American History I. I have one month to prepare for the test, counting the week vacation we have for the family reunion at Niagara Falls.

I also have to find something that will get me in a hospital using my skills from last semester. I had been hoping to have been working for the last 2 weeks. That hasn't happened. I don't know what is going on but every foray on my part to initiate contact has gone very wrong (I won't say disastrously because that is an exaggeration). The current plan is to see if I can volunteer or, at very least, job shadow the nurses.

I really can't see how this summer is going to turn out. It seems like everything I expected was turned upside-down onto its head. It makes me weary to think of all the scheduling and organizing and fitting that I'm going to have to do.

I sound so down, don't I? I'm not, really. I started exercising again. 2 miles brisk walk every morning with some jogging as tolerated. It wiped me out MUCH more that is should. I have gotten so, so out of shape. I have never had good stamina for exercise and I'm going to try to build it up. That is all well and good. I should be trying to stay fit as it is easier now that in will ever be. But, ohhhh, I'm so tired now!

Well, anyway you should see me more now, as I hope it won’t be quite so frenzied from her on out.

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