Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Funny or Just Really, Really Annoying?

As some of you might know I got home a month ago today. The day after I got home I did a Very Important Thing. The Very Important Thing was filling and sending out my application for a CNA license. This was impressed firmly upon the fertile minds of all the first year nursing students over the last few weeks of school.

"We will know who among you worked over the summer when you come back for second
year. We will be able to tell exactly who has been using their skills and
who has been letting them decay. Work this summer or we will know!"

This is a very intimidating thing, especially as it was the teachers for second year that said it. All year long we have been hearing horror stories of how hard the second year teachers are and how next to impossible it is for students to get good grades in their classes. So I dutifully sent out my CNA application the day after I got home.

One week goes by and I hear nothing. Two weeks, nothing happens. I'm not really worried as it does take a while to process. I turn in an application at Parkview to work on the Med/Surg wing. Three weeks and still nothing happens. Well, they do have to do a background check. Four weeks (that's this week) and not only does nothing happen with the CNA license but Parkview never got back to me either. What is going ON?

Yesterday, after the small group Mom and I go to, we went to Parkview as Mom had to get a Rx filled and I had to talk to Human Resources. At least that's was I was told by my very persistent mother. It turns out that the Med/Surg director never got the copy of my application that was sent inter-office mail.

So Mr. Coin came down to pick up the application and, it turned out, me. I had my first ever interview yesterday. Don't ask how it went as I have no idea. Now the only thing that my hiring (or not, as the case might be) was waiting on is actually having a license to practice.

We got home. Once again the reason I'm so brilliant is made apparent. With two smart parents I have to be a genius, don't you know! Mom called the CNA registry. She asked what the status of my license was and learned that, in fact, I have had a license for about two weeks and they just never told me.

Now, what is the likelihood that my application for work AND the notification of my license both went astray? I don't know why it happened but there *must* be a reason! Either that or Someone has a warped sense of humor. Well, I suppose I would have to live with that without too much indignation because this whole thing sounds too much like something I would pull if I could, and find the whole thing hilarious.


Emilie said...

what's your ICQ#? Querty doesn't work for me...

Emilie said...

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Qwerty said...

It's 159 037 919. There wasn't a space for the number for some inexplicable reason. Oh, and HI!