Monday, June 06, 2005


Everything has consequences. This weekend I got to spend time with a group of kids that I get to talk with about once a year, and it was *good*. I have so much fun. I even got to "play" with horses. So, all in all, I enjoyed myself this weekend.


It's not the weekend anymore. The sun is no longer shining and my friends have left for home. Now the repercussions of having fun come tumbling inwards at me. I studied for less then two hours over the whole weekend.

This is when I'm taking a class at double speed that has always been a hard course. Already I barely seem to be keeping my head above water, which has NEVER happened to me since third grade math. I should have been studying all weekend, not just for the lab quiz that's today but for the whole class, because if I don't start doing better, well, I'll pass but barely.

I don't regret spending time with friends. Please don't miss understand me, the time I spent with them rejuvenated me and helped me get my priorities straight, like it always does. It's just that I now need to deal with the unintended side effects of either not getting good grades or giving up any social life for the last 4 weeks of the class. I'll do what I have to, but it will be hard.

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Emilie said...

Aha- this is where you go now. It's definately prettier. lol. I've been busy... cleaning, homework- (i'll explain some other time) and working... I don't know what's up for Camp Meeting. I want to go to the Mass one, but I'd have to either camp or stay in the dorms, no room at Maura's... the dean hasn't returned my calls though. If there is no place for me to stay I'm contemplating going to ME, but who knows. K. Bubye~