Saturday, June 04, 2005


I am currently in between friends. No, that does NOT mean that I've ditched the old one's and are looking for new one! Shame on you for thinking that. No, I just got to see Alyssa and in a few hours I'll get to see Jeremy. Who, you may ask, are they? Well!

I have known Alyssa for about six or seven years, all the way back to when we only fought; although very, very politely. It's not *my* fault that she'd so opinionated, and sticks with her ideas for so long! She's a few years younger then me and was also home schooled. "Was" because she just graduated from high school this spring and will be going to Southern next year. She moved to California about 3 years ago, so I only get to see her about once a year.

Jeremy I haven't known as long, only three years. We meet at the very first Extreme Teen's weekend as we were both part of the very first Extreme Teen's group, acually so was Alyssa. And for those of you who might not know what that is, too bad. I don't feel like explaining it. Google it. Hmmm, that actually doesn't seem to work so well. Never mind the google comment. Here's a link if anyone really wants to know...

What was I saying? OH, Jeremy. Well, even though we live in the same state I'm really bad with communicating and we generally talk only a few times a year at most. So when I went to the prayer conference in May he was there too and we got talking again. When he mentioned later on that he was coming down for graduation, I volunteered my parents' house if he needed a place to stay. They took the new surprisingly well.

The reason every one is coming down here is because it's Pine Tree's graduation this weekend. And in Alyssa's case it was also Memorial Day earlier and I *think* that her family went up to Bar Harbor as their tradition was while they lived in Maine.

In sum, (I love saying that-it sounds so professional) I spent this morning with Alyssa at Pine Tree's church service and catching up, and now I have a 3 hour break until I get to see another friend that I rarely get to see.

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