Saturday, June 11, 2005


It's hot. Very hot. I am more grateful than I can tell that Dad took the time to put in the air conditioners. Now then, most of the time I like hot especially when I don't have to DO anything. But I got very tired of sitting in church dripping wet and emanating a SMELL. The combination of a lack of any breeze and about 150 people in one (I grant, large) room rather put me off heat for the rest of the day.

I helped out in Primary today. There were more children there than I remember there being the last time I helped. I should explain that the primary class room has ALWAYS in my 18 or 19 years in the same church been the hottest. While that's nice in the winter, in summer? Not so much. So imagine a dozen or more 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade kids on the hottest day this year in the hottest room in the building with school having gotten out 3 days earlier.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we had to teach three lessons as camp meeting starts next Sabbath and goes through the following weekend. At least all tree stories were about Elijah so I could kind of tie them in together. Any way, I don't think I was very successful at holding the kids attention. Especially when at least two of them were doing their best to have themselves the center of attention instead of myself. That was interesting.

Now I am in an air conditioners house, eating macaroni salad (it's my favorite), with it Sabbath so I don't have to DO. It seems that this is the only time when I don't have to DO. Do my homework, do my study groups, do the laundry, do the cleaning, do whatever little task comes up to do. It's wonderful to have a day where I'm not allowed to do, so I can just BE. Don't you think?

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Cheryl said...

I miss those days of nothing to do sometimes. Sabbaths around here are as busy as any other day with the 5 M's.