Thursday, June 23, 2005


Micro Lab is done! This is cause for great rejoicing. At first I was looking forward to the lab because I was going to get to play with Bunsen burners and microscopes and junk like that. After the first class I was still excited about it because the teacher seemed to have the same teaching style as my anatomy and physiology teacher--that is to say that he didn't take the institution of microbiology too seriously but still knew his stuff.

Well, after the second class things didn't seem quite so nice. Instead of taking a more relaxed approach in his teaching style while still clearly conveying the information and in a way that made it easy to understand, he had a more fly by the seat of his pants style. This means that if you had a question it was generally ignored, disregarded, or obfuscated if it was answered at all.

Unless you were one of his favorites, in which case you got ten minutes of explanation while the rest of the class A) sat around bored and doing nothing because the question was asked during the lecture portion of the lab or B) sat around bored unable to finish what they were trying to work on because they had a question for him about what they were supposed to be doing and he would not stop talking to the people at the other table!

My lab partner and I were not one of his favored ones, in case you couldn't tell.

He also had really odd tests. One the final quiz we had yesterday he had questions like "Which of the following are not in Paris?” which, as you can see, has NOTHING to do with what we learned. Or he ask questions over material that was A) not in the lab book, B) not in the study worksheets that were paced out, C) not mentioned in the lecture, or D) if he mentioned it, it was in such a way as to say "don't worry about it, its not important".

I was so frustrated over the lab of this class. I retaliated by not studying for it more than a hour a week and still getting some of the best grades in the class (as far as I can tell).

The recap of all this is....I never have to take a class with him again. Not only that, but now I only have one week left of Micro lectures too! Oh, YAH!

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