Sunday, June 26, 2005

Campmeeting et al

I happen to agree with Beth. Campmeeting and I have never gotten along. I have very vivid memories of being forced to stay all day at campmeeting surrounded by black flies, hordes of people who are always talking, and heat. Always heat. There is no such thing as shade or breeze at campmeeting. Well, actually there is either heat of the kind that causes sunstroke in two minutes flat or torrential rain that you can't get away from because it seeps through every possible crack or crevice of the tents.

We always had our "campmeeting tree" that we parked under to try to catch its shade although that was scanty at best. When I was tired of being around people I would beg Mom or Dad to take me home (we only lived 15 minutes away) and I was always told to rest in the car. It was always shut up before I got there so it was always at least 125 degrees in there and the seatbelts always stuck into just the wrong places in my back.

All that isn't the point. That little bit of family history merely paints the background for the past week. The past week that was campmeeting.

I didn't go. Not even when I could have. The first weekend I went for church, the evening meeting and the Sunday meeting. At least I think I went to the Sunday meeting, I don't quite remember. Maybe I didn't. The next meeting I went to was on the next Sabbath for Sabbath school and church. I could have gone to the night meetings but it was hot. It was also the last meeting which means that everyone would be coerced into helping take down chairs.

In fact over this week I was incredible antisocial. (The next sentence is very sarcastic, so please infuse as much irony as you can into it.) Maybe that's because I was home schooled so I never learned to socialize. To make up for, not only not going to the other meetings this weekend, but for not going to the beach with a group of other youth like people even when I was invited by two people who were going in two separate groups I when shopping this morning.

Now if you know me you may know that shopping generally isn't on my list of top ten things to do. I mean, it is sometimes but that's true of almost anyone. Most of the time I stay away from Freeport like it's the plague. But I hadn't spent much time at all with friends so I was guilted into going. NOT by them, not at all! But by myself. Even when I'm on the final leg of my class--only two days left with quiz on one day and the cumulative final on the other day I decide to go shopping for the first time in about two or three months.

It was kind of legitimate. After two weeks (about) of cold weather it was HOT again and I really have no shorts that don't make me look ho-ish. I really hate how clothing designers assume that every female around that wears jean shorts must want to show all of her legs and some of her bottom to the whole world. Well, I DON'T! So make something I can wear without being embarrassed by being seen by someone from church already!

I found a pair for the first time in two to three years. After consulting with the parental units they have agreed to bankroll a second trip out to Gap to get two more pairs of shorts, one a size larger in case I can't find any more for a few years.

I also got four honey sticks. I love honey sticks. There's strawberry and peach and regular and one other else that I forgot the flavor of. Honey sticks make me happy. I like being happy. I have new shorts, friends, and honey sticks so I am very happy. And music. I was given a lot of music that's very nice. I like music too.

Oh yeah, Dad worked his last time in the ED and is now officially done with working at night and we had a party to celebrate. But that's not about me so I won't mention it. Right?

Yeah right.


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