Monday, July 11, 2005

They're gone

Beth, Mom, and Mopsy have left for Gram's house. Some people may remember that today (Monday) was the original date for the move; however the current caretaker wouldn't be back from vacation until today to move her things out. Because of that Beth planned on traveling down there tomorrow (Tuesday). Neither of these things happened.

Mom was worried that Beth wouldn't be ready to go in time so she suggested yesterday that they leave that very same day, getting down there before Gail left, and spending more time with Grammie before Mom had to leave. What I understand is that Mom never expected to leave before Monday. This whole plan was just to give Beth a little motivation to get packing. It seems to have worked a little to well.

The three of them (that's counting Mopsy, remember?) left at about 7 o'clock last night and got there around 11 o'clock. I understand that the trip went well from a message they left. Today's the moving day. Gail out and Beth in. I'm sure that someone will be updating everyone on how that all goes.


Allan said...

Umm .. Has the GMP returned safe and sound yet?

Sunny said...

Thank you for that update.