Wednesday, July 13, 2005

She's going/coming home!

Whether it is coming or going depends on which she you referring to. My mother is coming home tonight from all her adventures in New Hampshire. Gail, the cause of those adventures, is finally going home... for good! She did not stay in Grammie's house last night after Aunt Linda and Uncle Rodney threatened to call the police on her for trespassing if she didn't leave. She left.

I find it amazing that my relatives had as much patience with her as they did. She was there three days longer then she should have been. (She was supposed to be out by Sunday.) I would have called (not threatened to, but actually called) the police by day two if she didn't leave.

She came back today with her son and her son's truck to haul away to her son's house the mountain of rubbish she salvaged and stuffed in Gram's house. Beth was planning on taking Gram out during this move, in case the son is also peeved about his mother being fired as Grammie does not need to be exposed to that type of thing. Mom is leaving for home after she is completely moved out for good. She is staying around to give Aunt Linda moral support and to present a "united family front". Hopefully she (Mom) will be home by eight or nine tonight. God willing, that is.

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