Sunday, July 24, 2005

In recaplet...

That really isn't the right title as to have a recaplet you must be recapping the recap and if you don't have the first recap you can't have the recaplet. And that made a boatload of sense, I'm sure! What I meant to say is that I have a lot of stuff to tell you because I 1) procrastinated after the wedding then 2) got quite busy. And now I shall tell you all about it.

I did think of a few things that I could have written about for you between Sunday and Thursday but I was too lazy to do it. In that span of time I almost completely finished reading my history textbook and read books, both fiction and non fiction. Beth came home for a visit on Friday which meant that there was no way that I was going to read the last chapter for my U.S. history studies. I still have to read that chapter.

Beth and I spent most of Sabbath invading Ally's house. You see Beth has this little kitten called Mopsy who was staying at her Aunty Ally's house while her mommy went on vacation. Mopsy needed time to get used to her aunts house and her cousins, Molly and Nala, so mommy Beth left Mopsy there before she left for vacation, but to make baby Mopsy feel secure in the new environment Beth spent ALL DAY with her at Auntie’s house. And Aunty Debbie just had to come along to play with all of her "nieces".

Sunday was quite busy all around. Dad, Mom, Beth, and Ally all when to the
Car Show at Pine Tree Academy for at least some of the day. Dad showed his new Hybrid car and got to gloat about the mileage. He, Ally, and Beth played in the band and Mom got to talk to people. All this is hearsay because I didn't go. I was at the Harpswell Festival. I have been volunteering at the Oasis Clinic for several weeks and one of the nurses told me that CHANS (Community Health and Nursing Services) were having a booth at the festival that would be taking free blood pressure readings and that I was welcome to come and get some practice with that if I wanted. I leapt at the offer. So from 11 to 5 on Sunday I sat under a small patio umbrella and took blood pressures. As an estimate I would say I took at least about 30 to 40 BP's in six hours. I discovered that after doing more that 8 BP's you hand doesn't work anymore. I had to switch hands back and forth to inflate the cuff.

For all that it was a good day. I got to watch the parade (there was a lot of classic cars), wander around the fairgrounds (mostly people trying to sell you things), eat gespato soup (spicier than I thought it would be), watch an ambulance try to get between very close rows of tents (a lady had heat stroke and passed out only three booths down), and get sunburnt (I forgot to bring sunscreen).

That evening Mom and I left to go usher at Maine State Music Theatre. It was Cats. What more should I have to say? I'll tell you anyway, as you know. Beth and Ally were watching it as patrons the same night as we were ushering it. Mom was seating people on Orchestra Left and I was taking tickets left. I wanted to seat people but that didn't work out. After everyone was seated we were given our seating assignments.

Here is what I LOVE about ushering. We got betters seats that what Beth and Ally had. They were in the balcony in good seats for balcony seats. We were in row H seats 103 and 104 which is right in the center. We had cats come up and sing at us! (The show wasn't limited to just the stage, the actors were in the isles {yes I know that's spelled wrong but at least it sounds right when you say it} and the box seats cavorting and singing.) And we could see perfectly. There were 2 seats next to us that were empty. Ally and Beth joined us after the intermission. Show-wise it was good. Really good. I can't even tell you. You have to know Cats to understand. If you've seen it live than, well, you would understand. It was a very, very good show.

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