Saturday, July 16, 2005

Church related ramblings

Thought I would pop on to say that all is well here in Maine. Our family had potluck today. Our church does potlucks a little differently then most. We have pre-selected teams (ten in total) that rotate weeks. Anyone who knows they are coming can definitely still bring food but there is guaranteed to be enough with the teams bringing food. Because of this system our church can have potluck every week without relying on the few people that always bring food and then wearing them out.

In the past we have had very bad experiences with this system. Our family, that is, no the church in general. For about a year and a half our group had two families that actually stayed for potluck (the half is for a family that only stayed half the time). One or two time the other faithful potluckers were gone over our week and we were the only family that we knew would be bringing food!

Praise God those days seem to be over! Apparently the potluck groups were altered recently and we got about three more families who not only bring food but stayed downstairs to help get everything together! This was the least stressful potluck that I have ever helped to put on. Of course, the change might have been made last year while I was at college and I was just clueless... That is always a possibility with me.

The church was absolutely packed today. This is mostly because tomorrow morning Camille Truby is getting married. Camille was part of this church as long as I can remember. She went to school with my older sister and her mom was my first and second grade teacher. Her dad moved away from B______ a few years ago when she was is college, but she choose to get married here, with us. That means that because officially this isn't "her" church both the groom and bride are importing a lot of people. Result: a really full church today.

I missed all of the church service today because I had to be downstairs. This is both good and bad. Bad because I missed the sermon. Good because it was SO much cooler downstairs than upstairs, even with three ovens running. It is interesting to note that 3 ovens running in the 300 to 400 degree range do not generate as much heat as 300 people sitting in one big room with very little ventilation. The good outnumbers the bad only because Dad got to hear the sermon and took notes on it for Mom and me and gave us the 20 minute tour of the 45 minute sermon.

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