Thursday, September 29, 2005


Remember the whole feel-like-a-slab-of-meat-a-butcher's-about-to hack-into thing form a few days ago? Well, it turns out that the reason that I felt that way was because I was coming down with a cold. My first for the year. It couldn't have had worse timing.

What I've been doing for the past few days is

  1. Finishing the "mini" care plan for Med surg. This took upwards of 20 hours and that was with 12 people working together. That was turned in on Tuesday.
  2. Clinical. Originally I was supposed to observe in the cardiac catheterization lab for a second time but, as one of our clinical instructors choose to go on vacation and cutting out 2 days of us being in the hospital, I had ask if I could stay on the floor this Wednesday and it was granted. Then I came down with the cold. I could just picture myself coughing and sneezing over all the patients and giving my germs which, instead of being just a cold, turned into pneumonia. I went to the cardiac cath lab.
  3. Studying and more studying! I just had my second Med/Surg exam and I am killing time 'til 2:30 when the results will be posted. I was so, so worried about this test. I don't have any idea of how it went, but I never do. I have been studying in (almost) every spare minute and I still feel like I should have studying more. However there truly is only so many hours a day my brain can handle thinking about respiratory diseases, especially if you have a cold and an inclination to hypochondriacism.
  4. NOT going to choir. The way I see it is that even with a half hour break I took around 9 pm I still had a clear 2 hours extra study time. There would have been no point in me going either because I can't talk, at least when I do talk I sound as if I smoke 5 packs a day. I could have gone and sat in a corner listening, bored, feeling guilty for not reading, and contaminating the whole choir. No, I did the noble thing and stayed home.

That's really everything except...

Melissa came to visit me! Yes, my niece! The child of my sister traveled all the way from BC to see me! Ok, fine. To see Auntie Gail and be in her wedding, but it's All About Me! She and the GMP were only here for about 2 hours before they kept on their way to Pennsylvania, but I should see them again on Sunday.

Dizzy from hypoxemia in my brain. Can't breath. Stupid fly keeps dive-bombing me. Must go. Write later. I'm sick!


Cheryl said...

You know what this means don't you? Melissa should catch your cold just in time to get on the plane and come infect the rest of us! ARRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH!

and hope you feel better soon!

LarryandJean said...

I'm confused: WHO has pneumonia here? You? The Patient?

BTW, congratulations on the exam!

I hope that you are feeling better soon and that Melissa (aka M1) doesn't get it at all - that's the last thing your big sister needs to get from you!