Sunday, September 25, 2005


I hurt. I let Myrna and Jeremy and Emilie and Madison convince me to go, nay participate, in Almost Anything Goes. AAG's was someone's idea of a fun time. You divide the students by class and then make them compete against each other in a disgusting show of "school spirit" and "class spirit". The prize for the winners was going free to Six Flags today. Everyone else has to pay the discount price of $10.

It involved things like rolling around on the floor blowing at ping pong balls and slithering through inner tubes in groups and popping balloons with your butt while other people hold it. My knee and both hip bones are bruised from incidents while blowing ping pong around, my pelvic bones feel like they have brand-new flat spots on them form popping balloons that were blown up to the size of my fist, my elbow has the skin worn off from being hauled about on a mattress born, not in the arms, but the legs for my classmates (think very, very bumpy), my head still is pounding, and my voice sounds a step less weird than Dark Vader's. In a word, I'm a wreck. And all that for nothing. The sophomores won. Senior's were behind by one point, but we didn't win. Not that I could have gone to Six Flags anyway. (See paragraph after next)

And it stopped being Sabbath. That makes me very sad. I wish it could always be Sabbath. In other words I have been studying since 7 in the morning. That means I had six hours of sleep and those of you who have lived with me know that I like to get about 10 hours of sleep when I can. I'll do with 8, but I want 10.

My Med/Surg class has a huge, huge case study that is due on Tuesday and a very important test on Thursday, and Klavdia and I have our observation papers due on Wednesday and my group still needs to work on the major case study that is due (I think) next Wednesday. This morning and afternoon I have been working on the case study until the other students that I was working with told me that I had stopped making any sense at all and I when to read people's blogs but hardly anyone had written at all, so write people! I need entertainment! Anyway, I thought that I would write myself so you all would have something to read.

I looked really good yesterday and I got lots and lots of complements, some from people I don't really know. Well, I know them by sight because you know everyone by sight on AUC, but that doesn't count. And now I feel like a piece of meat hanging in the butcher's freezer. *Whimper*

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Mama Bird said...

Oh, poor, sweet baby!

I hope you can get your ten hours of sleep tonight.

And take some tylenol or ibuprophen so your hurts won't keep you awake!