Monday, September 26, 2005

On this day of September 26, 2005...

A guest blogger was born... This is just Emilie on Debb's computer. Howdydoody! Today was a long day for each of us... and other random music and nursing majors as well. Debb spent 10 hours in front of a computer screen on a project that should have only taken 5, according to the professor. I was exhausted as well from a long day... and night of studying. Frustrated mostly with the fact that I spent hour upon hour reviewing for a test that didn't find it's place in the history of Monday. But we made it! Hurrah! And now we must go to beddi-bye. Yes. Dream land awaits... may that be sweet ones for everybody! And I promise tomorrow I wont seem as crazy as I might seem at this moment.

Goodnight! With love in Jesus,



Mama Bird said...

Hey Em, thanks for the update! I hope Tuesday is waaaay better for both of you...and for those other random music and nursing majors as well. ;-)

Mama Bird said...

Oops (maybe)

Are you "Ellie" now?

So, Ellie, thank you. :-)

Emilie said...

Em, Emmie, Ellie... anything goes. LoL. Happy Sabbath!