Saturday, September 24, 2005

I love Sabbath

I have been so stressed out, crazy-insane-busy all week and it will start all over again on Sunday. But right now I have 24 hours where I can put all those worries and fears aside and just be happy. I have decided that there is an art to being happy.

One of my classmates (in nursing of course, I hardly ever see anyone else it feels like) is always so happy and cheerful. It's not a front or a show either. She's the kind of person that *dances* into her patient's room in the morning, humming all the way. She seems so care-free, so glad to be there that no matter how lonely or sad or depressed they are, they always smile back. That's the kind of person I want to be.

Today we are having student church out on the campus mall and it's supposed to only get into the high 60's today. I really love Fall! This weather is just perfect. It took me a while but I no longer hold the fact that winter is the next season against autumn. That's not its fault, so just enjoy it for itself.

There is also at least one person on campus who believes us when Jeremy and I tell them we aren't dating. So that's nice, especially after a certain nursing student who is engaged and in OB right now tried to convince us both, separately that we should be dating after we explained that we weren't. She is very persistent. I think she's high on baby hormones.

Lot's going on with school and projects and tests, but I'm not going to think about that (sing-song) because it's Sabbath!

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Sunny said...

Who's this Jeremy guy that you aren't dating. Oh, just let them all fret! I hung around with this guy on the same campus you are at right now, and people thought we were MARRIED because "you guys look so comfortable together". Duh! that's because we WEREN'T DATING and WEREN'T ABOUT TO. We still keep in touch every few years. Because we were FRIENDS.