Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day in the US today and everyone is happy. There has been two days that were relatively rain-free which means that all the tourist's that mightn't have traveled up to Maine for a rain-filled holiday decided that a 50% chance of rain is acceptable. This makes everyone happy.

The vacationers, because they get away from the city.
The stores, because they get money.
The natives, because they aren't trapped in their houses and don't care how many other people there are underfoot.

It seems to me like people haven't talked about the weather so much since '98 when there was the humongous ice storm. That's probably not true (Maina's love talking about the weather), but it seems like it.

On a slightly different track, though related, Sabbath afternoon I went outside. The sun was shining in front of the clouds and there was the most beautiful rainbow. I called Mom out to see it, as everyone else was asleep and, as is her want, she immediately started snapping pictures. Now, I would LOVE to show you the best but, unfortunately, it appears I need to beg my father to allow me to use his flickr account to do that. So that will have to wait.
It really is a lovely picture.

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Cheryl said...

Here's the link from your loyal readers.

Now if YOU had your OWN flickr account (hint hint) - you COULD blog Dads photo as he has it set so that family can do that. Gail regularly blogs photos off our flickr account.