Thursday, May 19, 2005


I'm home. I have, in fact, been home for a week and a day. I left AUC right after my last final, well, a couple hours after my last final, at 6:00, and pulled into my driveway at 10:30. It's a 2 1/2 hour drive.


I was in stop and go traffic for upwards of 2 hours, but praise God I wasn't hurt! If I had left 10 minutes sooner I might have be *seriously* hurt. A truck cab was in an accident with a car and ended up hanging over the bridge railing over a river.

But that's kinda old news. New news is that I am 1/7 done with microbiology. Granted there hasn't been any tests or anything like that yet *But I'm One Seventh DOne, I TELL You!* Time wise that is. I'm in a study group with 2 other ladies, and I spent 3 hours in the Bath library studying with one of them. There's the first quiz on Monday. The class lasts through the last week of June.

I'm applying for work at Parkview as a CNA once my application for a license comes through. I have an application all filled out (for Parkview, not for the license as THAT is already turned in) and ready to deliver to HR once the license comes. I sent it out a week ago today, so it should come early next week. This is the hospital that I grew up in as a kid, running around the halls and poking my nose where it had absolutely NO business being. This is the hospital that I volunteered at in junior high. These is the hospital that I always imagined myself working in, side by side with my dad in the emergency room or maybe on unit 100 where half the other nurses are ladies with whom I go to church.

Now don't assume that this is "a dream come true" or any such sentimental nonsense. My TRUE dream was working in a library. That went bust, as did being a ballerina. But if I *have* to work in a hospital at lest I'll be at home.

'Kay, I'M bored with that topic, even if you arenĂ½t. Soooo, YEA!!! CONTACTS!!!!!!!! . . . .


For those who actually spoke 3 sentence with me in the past 2 1/2 weeks, yeah I got them. On Tuesday. It rained today. And I didn't need to walk like the Hunchback of Notre dome. I bought sunglasses. I've never gotten to by sunglasses. Yeah, contacts. It's a good thing.

Ok, bored now. BYE EVERYONE! *giggle*

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