Thursday, May 26, 2005

Maybe I is and maybe I ain't

I'm bipolar. I must be. After yelling at everyone about nothing and then curling up into a little ball and refusing to move and then posting that my life is awful, I'm fine now. I conversed quite cheerfully with those people that I would have cheerfully (well, not cheerfully but have been morbidly satisfied in the action of) castrating if it had be anatomically possible.

I helped chop vegetables for burritos. I even started writing out the flash cards for Micro that I have been talking about starting for a week and a half. Nothing in my environment changed and no of my responsibilities changed. It wasn't until after my mood changed that I found out The News.

The News is that Mrs. Diller, who is in charge of the second year nursing program, called to ask if I would like to be a tutor next year. What that means is that I will be paid about $7 to sit in the nursing A/V (audio/visual) lab and study for 7-10 hours a week. I might be interrupted once in a while by someone who needs help with schoolwork (either first year or pre-nursing) but that might not happen too much.

This is actually quite an honor. There are 30 students in my class and only 4 tutors. Oh, by the way it is always the second year students that are tutors as first year students are clueless for much of the time. (And I speak only from experience, not out of judgment.) While the B.S.N students are generally to busy and the number of B.S students fluctuates wildly from year to year (so I am lead to understand).

At the end of the year it had occurred to me that there would be new tutors next year from my own class, and I did wonder in passing who it would be. I never thought that it would be me. I'm not smart enough.
(It does make sense that you would have the people doing the best in the classes teaching other people, you know. Maybe that policy changed.)

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Cheryl said...

You do not necessarily want people who are the "best in the class" as tutors. You want people who have a good understanding of the material combined with the ability to help others understand it without making then one who didn't understand it feel stupid in the process. Which is harder than it might seem as those who are always the best at things CAN have a tendancy to protray an attitude of superiority. I