Thursday, May 26, 2005


It has been raining almost constantly ever since I got home 2 weeks ago. There might have been four sunny days, but I doubt it. This past Monday was my first Micro lecture quiz and yesterday was the first quiz for lab. Next class (which is on Wednesday because of Memorial day) there is another quiz for lecture and on Friday we have the first Exam. I haven't studied at all today so far because Ally and I helped Mrs. Dalgleish with vision and hearing testing on Mt. Ararat middle schoolers. That got me 4-5 hours of the 40 hours of community service I have to have done before I graduate in a year. The school won't give you the diploma until you've logged the hours. But I still have to rewrite my lecture notes, read 2-3 chapters, and memorize six pages of organisms. And I should help cook as I said that I would.

I really hate rain right now.

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