Sunday, December 18, 2005


I'm home for Christmas now. I've actually been home since late Thursday night or early Friday morning depending on how you look at things. Emilie came with me. We're going to Sandy and Andrea's wedding today up around Waterville. Emilie was going to have to drive up this morning after getting back from the choir trip to DC at 5 in the morning. Not so much fun, eh? However she has laryngitis and is barred from singing for another week by her music teacher. So she came with me instead.

We just might get the apartment after all. We have to get permission from the college to move off campus, which is mildly ridicules. I'll be 22 by the time we move in and I'm responsible. I can guarantee that I'm much, much too staid to have parties lasting half the night or whatever else they’re worried about. It would just be Emilie and I if we actually can do this.

The one we’re thinking of is the smaller of the 2 apt that we viewed. It’s described as “one and a half bedrooms” and has an antique heating system that seems to work beautifully still. Sorry, no pictures. The family that’s there now is still moving out so there was a lot of stuff everywhere.

The semester is finally over. It’s done. I passed. I passed my first Med/Surg class with Ms. Pusey and I passed Mrs. Diller’s OB class in which she plays favorites and I passed Pharmacology even though I had no time to study for it. At the beginning of the semester the teachers told us that we would have to work hard but when we think about it afterwards we would see that it wasn’t difficult. I didn’t believe them then. I’m still trying to decide if I believe them now. I don’t think so.

This semester destroyed me; physically, emotionally, and spiritually too, though I’m ashamed to admit it. I don’t actually remember large portions of the semester. I know that I went through the last week of Med/Surg but I don’t remember doing it. I didn’t ever realize that until someone in second rotation ask me what to expect and I realized that I didn’t have a blessed clue. About half of OB is a complete blur to me. I remember impressions and feelings, but not actual events.

It’s a very odd feeling to realize that it’s only 7 days until Christmas. It feels to me like it should be at most November 18 instead of December 18. Looking back to summer confuses me because I feel like school has just started but also that it has been going on forever. Microbiology seems an age ago and last semester longer then a life time. It wasn’t though because it all just finished.

So to recapitulate, I have got a lot of knowledge in the past five months but very little wisdom. In addition, the knowledge I have has been leaking out of my brain because it’s reached full capacity and more stuff keeps coming. Some of what overflowed was my memory, because that’s “obviously” expendable.

Its okay folks, I’ve come to an end of my rambles. No more torture for you. For now that is. Just wait ‘til next year.

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