Tuesday, December 13, 2005


The guy called back and we're seeing it tomorrow. It looks like we might actually be leaving the dorm. Please keep praying that it works out it this is the right thing/place. I'm starting to get panic-y about the whole on-my-own-responsible-adult thing. And that's with a lot of help from kind and loving parents.

School- yeah, still have 2 tests left. didn't get the pharmacology final done because it's postponed until Friday at 8 am. School officially ends on Thursday. The girls dorm starts charging you if your here after school is out. I'm going to talk with the dean.

On top of everything else that's going on in that area there's bedbugs now. Not on my hall, praise God! But that's still disgusting. I also should move out completely if I'm actually getting the apartment.

That's all, I think. Could be wrong, you never know. I'll keep you updated on the Amazing Adventures of the Stressed Out College Student! Oh joy.

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