Monday, December 12, 2005

Almost finished

I only have three more finals and the NLN left. I can focus on OB and Pharmacology now as I have finished with pediatrics. I don't feel quite so sinking. But time is still an issue.

In our...abundant...spare time Emilie and I have been apartment hunting. The dorm has gotten worse noise-wise and the cafeteria never has anything that Em can eat anymore. The problem is that everything in the area is very expensive. We are poor college students and can't afford to each spend $300-$400 a month, not counting utilities. We found a couple of less expensive apartments in the area and gave them a call. Now we're waiting for a reply. The question is, how long do you wait before you try calling again?

We've both been praying a lot that the right thing works out. At this point it seems to me as though it will take God's direct intervention to actually get out of the dorm this coming semester. There are just so many factors that would have to be just right and happen just at the right time. I wish we could have started intensely looking earlier in the semester (much earlier) but it really wasn't possible.

I finally got a hold of the right person to ask about the 40 community service hours we have to have before graduation. It turns out that there is an official form that has to be filled out with people's signatures and all. When I went and spoke with the women in charge of that department last spring she was quite brusque with me and didn't really give me any information or forms or anything. This time I spoke with a student worker who was very helpful.

To get credit for the 20+ hours I volunteered over the summer I need to fill out a form, get the supervisors signature on *that* form instead of the homemade one I whipped up, get my advisor's signature, and write a 3 page paper on what I learned or some such thing. I got an extra form for winter break, just in case.

Mmmm, must go study for the next exam. Home on Thursday! Yay!

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