Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Strummy strummy la la

I love spring. I really do. Having 85 degree weather when I got out of clinicals made being in clinical all right. Not that I don't find it interesting, I do. And I think that I choose a good career. But you do have to deal with some pretty gross stuff, like emptying a colostomy bag. Imagine the grossest smelling fart ever and put that smell in to a condensed half liquid/ half solid form and that's what "colostomy exudate", aka poop that doesn't have the water sucked out of it yet, smells like.

But you see, I don't care now. It's spring and I just spent the last hour and half sitting in the sun and breeze studying. Not only to I now have an improved mind but I just might start to get a tan if this weather keeps up.

Oh, and the test that I should have been studying for early and wasn't? Got an A (-A, but whateva) and had the second highest grade in the class (so what if I tied with 4 other people). And I finished the 1st draft of the paper I had to write and it isn't too bad. I can definitely work with it.

So, summary? Life currently likes me and, YAY SPRING!!!!!!!!

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