Monday, April 18, 2005

'ello everyone!

I have really no idea where to start writing so I'm going to assume that anyone who reads this already knows me.

I'm tired and I'm procratenating! I should be studing for the nursing test I have on Tuesday and writing the research paper that is due on Tuesday, but I'm not. This time I can blame it on Emilie. She was the one to introduce me to this site. And a can almost blame the fact that I barely studied all weekend on FranK. It was because of HIS choir trip that I was gone all weekend. I am of course ignoring the fact that I could have studied on the 8 hour bus trip that we had BOTH WAYS!!! I hate buses. Anyway I didn't, at least no nearly enough as I should have and I'm not now and I should.

Some how I think you might be hearing alot of this in this journal. I'll probably end up writing whenever I should be studying. I'll try to write again about something, ANYTHING other then what I should be doing but arn't - isn't - are not? Yeah, I have a grammer thing. It has to be perfect but I don't know how to.

(conscious) GO STUDY! (/conscious)



Cheryl said...

ah HA! YOu do have an uncoming test. I read and responding to your 2nd post before reading your first.

Qwerty said...

I probably should add that I posted the first 7 posts on a different site that you had to be logged in to see. When I got on blogspot it seemed like a Good Idea to put those old entrys to good use, especilly as no one probably saw them where they were.