Thursday, April 21, 2005

Random whateverness

My life must be relatively boring. I had all this things that kept running through my head in class and when I come to write I realize that I would have been reiterating the same things that I already said. Which is pretty pathetic because I've only written 3 other times.

Yeah, I was kind of hyper in class today. Sunshine after rain and sugar on an empty stomach are NOT a good combination in me it turns out. I actually had to write *DON'T TALK* on a piece of paper and hold it an inch from my face to remember that silence it the better part of valor.

There might be a whole group of us going out to eat this evening. Italian food. Yum. It started out as only 3 people tired of cafe food escaping to a restaurant yesterday (no, I was not one of the instigators) , but than Somebody forgot that he had a trio practice, so it was postponed 'til today. At last count that I know of there were 7 or 8 people invited and that was yesterday so who knows how many people are going.

It's official that I get to spend the weekend away from the dorm. I turned in my weekend pass to the RA last night. I am going to exchange MASSIVE amounts of back rubs for the use of Maura's washer and dryer on Friday. That will save me about 6 bucks. I have a lot of laundry. It's been two weeks since I washed cloths.

And NO, I don't love Maura just for her appliances. How rude to think so!

I am much less hyper/psychotic today then I was yesterday, believe it or not. It's about 25 degrees cooler and my energy levels seem to depend on the amount of heat. I should be a lizard.

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