Friday, September 17, 2010

RE: Hello

So given that I haven't posted anything for, um, *cough * *cough* 4 years I thought it might be best to start over again. Mostly this is for family but in case anyone else wanders on and sticks around for more than 5 seconds a brief introduction may be in order.

Hi! I'm Debbie, a nurse working in the admissions center of a local hospital, currently on Maternity leave for the first time due to the arrival of a small and voracious sprout. Techno-geek and I didn't figure out until shockingly late that it was the sprouts impending arrival was the cause of my extreme laziness and slightly twitchy stomach. This was embarrassing in the extreme as, you know, I am a nurse. Please don't judge. There were reasons this didn't occur to me. Good ones! Really! *sigh*

So the wee stomach has arrived and is, in fact, two weeks old today. I have been hearing with increasing regularity the chorus of "Send us pictures!" from our far
-flung family so I have dug my little point & shoot camera out of the closet. (The giant and intimidating manual camera is really not my thing, I'll leave the good quality pictures for The Geek [that title is given in love, btw and I mean geek in the 3rd definition. Most assuredly not the 1st, 'cause that's weird.]) Anyway, I though to myself, I though "Hmm, if I'm going to take the time to post pictures for people, maybe I should also post stories too. I should see if my blog is still sitting in the moldering corners of the internet!" So I did. And it was. And here we are today.
I leave you for now with this evidence of my son's cuteness and his father's weirdness. I had nothing to do with it, I just took the picture. Sprout doesn't look to thrilled either. His father was laughing uproariously.

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Sunny said...

Will that be Geek two or Geek too?