Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

I feel rabbit-eque. Last day in my management rotation. Don't have the time or energy to explain what that means. I get back at 4 and think to myself "one hour to sleep and then dinner and work." I got to sleep. I got very, very asleep! I think I can remember dreaming. By some miracle of God I actually woke up before I had to be at work, barely. I grabbed the school work I had to do and bolted. On my way over I tried calling people to see if anyone could bring food to me over at the nursing department.

This is very important as I have had to eat today...
  1. 1 cup of hot chocolate
  2. 2 pretzel sticks, size small
  3. 4 different kinds of vegetables
  4. 1 roll with butter
  5. 1 diabetic pudding
  6. and I found 4 granola bars in my bag when I got to work which will be eaten soon

That is hardly enough to sustain a person through a 17 hour day. So the people that I called? Three people didn't answer their phone and the other two were on their way to appointments that were.... just kind of... important. One was able to stop by the cafe but there wasn't anything that could be picked up in a hurry.

So I will eat my granola bars and once I'm out of work at 9 I'll go "home" and make myself a big steaming bowl of Raman!... Yay.


Anonymous said...

Can you order a pizza? Delivered. To Work.
And then take the leftovers back to store in the fridge for another hungry day.

PS Don't forget to buy more granola bars!

Cheryl said...

You need to have a stash of food (energy bars, slim fast drinks or Ensure type protein drinks, gasp chocolate candy bars, a bag of apples). I used to have a stash hidden at Thayer back when I was there - so I could grab something without leaving the music building...