Sunday, February 05, 2006

peace in the storm

So I did go to the GODencounter at Winnekeag yesterday. I was ask by Elizabeth almost a month ago to be in charge of the prayer room. Well, what she called it was prayer cover, which seems a bit different to me. But that nitpicking.

I really didn't want to go because I have so much that I have to do for school. There's the videos for management , the practice NCLEX for seminar, and the 3 quizzes for Med/Surg on top of studying neuro and attempting to finally memorize the cranial nerves which I should have done 2 years ago in A&P.

I thought that this early in the year the workload and the stress level wouldn't be too bad. However I forgot something-this is nursing where there is no such thing as starting slowly. The first week you have class for 8 hours a day. That's not slow.

But I am really glad that I went. Not a lot of people came to the prayer chapel they had set up in one of the cabins so I spent several hours just praying and journaling and reading. I haven't had time, or rather made the opportunity, for me to do that in a really long time. I did get to go to the meeting as I was to man the chapel during the workshops. The speaker was really good and very, very funny but the highlight of the day for me was really the chance to stop doing and just to be.

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