Monday, September 20, 2010

On Names

There was great discussions as to what the sprout would be named on arrival. At least The Geek partially listened to my long monologues on the subject. The first name was relatively easy, mostly because I don't have nearly as strong an opinion on boy's names as I do with girl's names. But the second name gave us some difficulty. Every thing that I really liked The Geek vetoed and vice versa. We finally settled on a name we both liked both on it's own and in conjunction with his Christian name.

My parents now tell us we choose poorly. His name clearly, they say, should be Harold. Why you ask? Well, look here...
And now look here.

Do you see what they see? It's really more noticeable when he's very, very relaxed and all splayed out into the same body position, but I'm not posting (or taking) any photos like that because I'm not quite that comfortable with breastfeeding!

I have informed my esteemed parents that the likeness will fade over time but the sprouts name will not and there is no way on earth I'm saddling any child of my with a name like Harold! Which, I'm sure, is a very fine name if it happens to be yours. Sorry?

And one more photo for the road, because I think he's cute.

Yeah, that's more then one, I know. But he's Cute! And that's all the justification I need.

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