Saturday, August 06, 2005


I have been meaning to write for a week. I wake up and say to myself "I think I'll update my blog today. I have such a lot to say." And then promptly forget it. Well, not really forget as much as reason myself out of it. "I do have a lot I need to write but, well, it's so hot (or humid or I'm so tired or worn out...) that my brain isn't working and I really couldn't do justice to everything that's been going on. I'll feel up to it later in the day." And then I forget.

Sabbath being what it always is in this house (everyone it asleep but me and I've had a good night's sleep) and with the weather so perfect outside that there wasn't any excuse anymore for either of my procrastinations: writing and exercising. I'm lazy and the sun is probably too high in the sky to safely be outside for a long time (yeah, guess I was wrong about the whole "no excuse" thing) so... I'm writing. (That was a moronically obvious statement. If I wasn't writing you couldn't be reading it.)

Getting to the point of all this: I haven't written in two weeks. (The whole oh-look-at-me-post-a-quiz-so-it-looks-like-I've-written-thing not withstanding, that is.) The reason, besides procrastination, is that we were on vacation for a week leaving the Monday after I saw Cats and getting back this past Monday. I couldn't write during vacation for two reasons. One is that we were just too busy. The other is that my father wouldn't let me. For 16 years he worked at a job that had moderately high visibility and some people that he came in contact with, he says, may not like him so don't tell the whole world that the house is empty!

So now that I've finally gotten around to writing about what all we did I can write it in 3 sentences. We were at Niagara Falls for a family reunion. The trip was really long, the car was really packed, and the reunion was really full of people I don't know (all the people my age were my 2nd cousin's). We did a lot of sightseeing and got to go see:
  1. Two good friends on the trip up to New York
  2. One zoo
  3. One butterfly conservatory
  4. One tightrope walker, by accident (seeing him was the accident, not him tightrope walking)
  5. One class 6 white water rapids (no, we DIDN'T try them out-there's a $10,000 fine and that's if you survive!)
  6. Two Great Lakes (Lake Ontario and Lake Erie)
  7. One 100 year old canal a.k.a. Erie Canal
  8. One really big waterfall from various angles

Ok, 3 sentences and a long list. I was close.

Since we got home I haven't really done very much that is useful. I finished reading my history book, all most finished my history lectures, helped declutter a little, worked a little on getting a special music together, vacuumed, went to the library a lot (which isn't really useful at all), and helped make a salad. That is remarkably little for 5 days, especially as I got most of it done yesterday.

So there is your quick tour through the past two weeks. Hope you weren't too bored.

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Riquet LaPierre said...

No , as a matter of fact I wasn´t.

I guess someone else´s life is always interesting all the similarities and differences that it can have with ones life.

Sometimes 3 sentences and a long list is all it takes to know that you are not alone

Thank you