Friday, August 26, 2005

Crazy? I was crazy once...

I am at work. I really shouldn't be on the computer, as I have to stay in a teeny tiny room and sit behind a desk until someone comes in for help. It's Sunday at 8:30 in the morning and, while there are a surprising number of students here, they have been coming in every day for a week to watch videos and they all know the drill. I could be studying but it's just too early.

Yesterday I talked to Frank. I really shouldn't have. Saying no to him makes me feel like I just shot a puppy. I was armed against singing in the large, oratorial choir (that everyone who is in a choir is suppose to be in) because I have to work at the same time. I want to sing in ProArts because they are going to sing in Carnegie Hall next spring. I went in to try to convince him that I should be able to sing in one without being in the other.

The conversation didn't go like I thought it would. He went in to the conversation trying to convince me that I should be in either all three choirs and, if that didn't work, at least ProArts and Fiat Lux. Fiat Lux (it means "let there be light" and is the college's motto) is supposed to be a small 16 voice choir that sings acappela which means that I would be one of two first sopranos. My voice isn't that good or that strong. I don't have the time to be in two choirs and take voice lessons. Oh, didn't I tell you that? If you’re in Fiat Lux you have to take one half hour voice lesson a week.

Both of these are very good reasons not to be in that or any choir, if that's the alternative to saying no. But there's the puppy look, and there's the $2000 scholarship, and there's that he had already gone to the Nursing Department director and ask her if it was possible first and she said yes "As long as none of the students had over 10 hours." Who would sing for ten hours a week? No one, that's who. Not even voice majors sing that much! There's also that I really do like singing and I would miss it if I didn't sing. But that has nothing to do with why I now have 2 choirs and a voice lesson a week.

The upside to all this is that I'm not taking any of them for credit and if my work load gets too hard I can drop them and I'll just lose the scholarship. Stay toned to find out if my insanity is acute or chronic.


Cheryl said...

It's not actue or chronic. It's hereditary. Ask Dad about his college schedule as that's where this tendency comes from. When I was at AUC - I was in chamber orchestra, NEYE, church bell choir, sting quarter, cello ensamble, piano lessons, AND cello lessons. (even being a music major - that was a bit much!)

Mama Bird said...

So, when do you find out who your teacher will be--Faith Esham or someone else?

LarryandJean said...

Thankfully she seems to have decided that Fiat Lux was a bit too much and is settling for Pro Arts without credit so there is nothing he can do if she isn't there.