Thursday, August 25, 2005

Busy Bee

I have been back to college for five days now and, although school doesn't start until Tuesday, I have been very busy. Second year nursing students have to come back a week early for a review week so I have been in class from 8 in the morning until noon or even 2 in the afternoon. I have also got a job, as some of you may recall, as one of the nursing lab tutors. I started working already and already have 8 hours logged. However I can't be paid for that time yet because I was missing some of the papers I needed and I have been trying to get my supervisors signature on a few papers.

I also have been trying to get my transcript sent from UMA to AUC for the summer session. It was sent earlier, so much earlier that the teacher hadn't turned in the grades yet. I have to have the transcript here before Tuesday when classes start. I also have been having fits with my computer. Well, not so much the computer as it's internet access. I filled in the paper to request wireless internet in my dorm room but it's not working. I don't know why as the IT department hasn't been open when I have time.

Oh, and I've had to watch about six hours of nursing videos and spend some time with all my friends. They're complaining of boredom.

Today I need to watch 1 1/2 hours of videos, get the signature, talk to Frank (the choir director), and try to get some "homework" done that doesn't have to be turned in but really should be done.

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