Friday, January 20, 2006


That is supposed to be a sound of distress. It doesn't come across so well when typed as when said. Today I go back to college. Yes, I have now been the whole winter break with writing next to nothing. "Why?" you ask. Because, silly, I didn't want to! Nothing very fascinating happened anyway. I'm 22 now and have had no great revolutions to my character. I've traveled up to Bangor and reacquainted myself with an old friend (and, you know, with the person I was visiting....) I've seen relatives of various kinds, although all paternal. And I've done a lot of nothing.

Anyway...sound of distress. I packed all day yesterday. I hate packing. I always end up in heap of quivering humanity, weeping copious amounts of tears and "snut". Being a) a perfectionist, b) someone who is violently opposed to any change whatsoever, and c) someone who formerly has NO EXPERIENCE MOVING would very easily cause that to happen.

Now I just have to drive 2 1-2 hours and unpack the *^%$#@ thing! And at the dorm too, worst luck. No apartment for me yet. pooy

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Sunny said...

What! No apartment! That's just foul play.